• LED Cat Nail Clippers
  • LED Cat Nail Clippers
  • LED Cat Nail Clippers

LED Cat Nail Clippers

Precio habitual

Trimming your cat's nails the old-fashioned way is like a juggling act with a squirmy acrobat –but with the LED clippers, you'll be nailing it like a pro in no time. Picture your cat chilling like a superstar on a catwalk (literally), while you rock those clippers like a manicurist at a fancy salon. The LED light will illuminate the nail bed, revealing the hidden lineage of those sneaky claws! No more accidental injuries or guessing games – these half-moon clippers were made to handle those tricky cat nails. Precision trims, no mess, no stress – just a happy cat and an even happier cat parent! And no nail splatter here! The transparent baffle is like a magical shield, preventing any nail shrapnel from flying around like confetti. 

Product Details
  • Stainless steel, ABS
  • Powered by 3x LR44 button cell batteries (not included) 
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