About Us

At Catnip Crazed, we're on a mission fueled by our cat obsession. 

We're not just any old company; we're a tight-knit tribe of cat lovers, united by our servitude to our quirky and sassy feline bosses. We squeal with delight every time a cat video pops up on our feed and celebrate every whisker, meow, and purr like a grand symphony. 

Our virtual shelves overflow with the most unique cat products this side of the internet, because let's face it, your cat deserves the best (and probably won't settle for anything less).

But it's not just about the shopping – Catnip Crazed is a vibrant community of cat lovers who share stories about their fur babies, swap epic cat memes, and even compete for the title of "Craziest Cat Parent" (it's a coveted trophy, trust us). Because let's be honest, cats aren’t just pets; they're majestic beings that rule our lives — and we love every minute! 

So if you find yourself scrolling through TikTok videos of cats during your lunch break (guilty as charged), or have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to cats, welcome home!

Our Executive TeAM

  • Wednesday, Senior Treat Thief

  • Pugsley, Chief Nap Officer