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The Top 10 Gifts For Cat Lovers in 2024


We all know someone who is completely and utterly obsessed with their feline. For these devoted cat lovers, their kitty is their entire world. So when a special occasion like Valentine's Day or their birthday rolls around, you'll want to find a gift that's just as special as their beloved cat! 

The key is to think fun, playful, and personal. Find cat-themed gifts that show you put some extra thought into brightening their day. These cat-centric presents will have them exclaiming, "This is so cute!" and "How did you know?!" with a smile spread across their face. 

Trust us, gifts like these will have you ranked above the cat...well, at least for a few minutes!!

10 Top Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life

1. Greeting Cards Guaranteed to Make Them Laugh

Nothing beats a hilarious card that perfectly captures their quirky cat obsession. A fun greeting card that brings some cheeky humor will score some extra points!! 


From Catnip Crazed:

"Love the Cat More" Greeting Card - This card pokes fun at always playing second fiddle to their cat overlord. It embraces the hilarity of their kitty devotion and lets them know you don't mind being #2.

2. Décor to Flaunt Their Feline Fanatic Status

Help them showcase their crazy cat love with home décor items that announce their cat-centric lifestyle with pride. A piece of décor that shows you know their style and support their love for cats will be a hit.


From Catnip Crazed:

"People Tolerated" Rustic Wood Sign - This funny wooden wall sign boldly lets any visitors know that cats take priority in the house! Its distressed finish gives it a cool vintage look – perfect for any cat fanatic.

3. Catty Phone Accessories

Keep their phone safe in adorable cat style! Cat-themed phone cases or other accessories show you how to combine fashion and function smartly. Not only is it a way to help keep their devices safe, but it also allows them to express their love for cats daily.


From Catnip Crazed:

"Yummy" Cat iPhone Case - This protective case blends safety and style with its glossy exterior featuring an illustrated kitty. Its durable hybrid construction guards against drops and shocks in style!

4. Plush Purrfection: The Ultimate Cuddle Buddy

A cat may be as soft as a cloud already, but there's nothing wrong with adding some extra fluff to the mix. Plushies in the form of cats are the perfect cuddle buddies for any cat lover. These plushies make great gifts and can provide comfort during tough times.


From Catnip Crazed:

Meowtie-Pie Cat Plush Pillow – This supremely soft plush pillow is shaped just like a sleeping kitten. Its squishy plush exterior and friendly feline face will melt their heart!

5. Mugs Meant for Daily Laughs

Start the day (or that last caffeine kick of the day) with a smile by sipping from a mug that fits your sense of humor. Cat lovers will appreciate the punny sayings and adorable illustrations on these mugs.


From Catnip Crazed:

Destroyer of Couches Cat Mug - This mug laughs in the face of their cat's fierce couch destruction sessions! Its large capacity provides ample liquid fuel for whatever mischief you'll get into.

6. Apparel to Strut Their Collective Cat Love

T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and more that let them match with their cat! These gifts aren’t only for comfort but allow any cat lover to express their love for their furry boss. (Plus, they’re just plain fun!)


From Catnip Crazed:

Women's Cat Print Performance Leggings - Want to give a feline-crazed friend something they’ll love to wear every day? Crafted with stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, perfect for activity while showing off cute cats!

7. Totes for Toting Their Cat Around Town

Luxurious carriers to tote their cat around in style! They’ll impress everyone while keeping their cat comfortable and safe. Backpacking with your kitty has never been more chic – and comfortable!


From Catnip Crazed:

Viewfinder Cat Backpack - This sleek, high-tech backpack neatly carries your cat while you strut around like a fashion model! Shop full-size packs as well as sling style!


8. Toys That'll Have Them Purring with Delight

Want to help a friend give their cat the ultimate playtime experience? Cat toys make the perfect gift! Choose from the tried and true, or go for something unexpected - like handmade toys made from organic materials.

From Catnip Crazed:

Kitty Catnip Stuffed Toy - Filled with premium catnip, this tantalizing chew toy will have them playing like crazy kittens again! Made with durable materials, these cat toys will withstand even the most enthusiastic play.

9. Dapper Accessories for the Cat of Distinction

Now we are having fun - why not dress up their cat with a bowtie or stylish collar? These unique accessories will have their cat looking dapper and ready for any occasion. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match their personality. And don't worry, these accessories are designed with comfort in mind - no tight collars here!


From Catnip Crazed:

Corporate Kitty Neck Tie Collar - Make your cat look like the boss they know they are with this elegant collar that gives them a look of sophistication and power.

10. Practical Always Works

Sometimes the best gift is one that is practical and can be used every day. For the cat owner, this could mean a new litter box or scratching post to keep their furry friend happy and healthy. Or for the cat itself, a new food/water bowl set or grooming brush can make all the difference!


From Catnip Crazed:

Cactus Kitty Food Bowl - Keep mealtime fun and stylish with this adorable cactus-shaped food bowl. Made from durable ceramic, it's perfect for everyday use.

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Finding fun, silly, and personal gifts shows the cat lover in your life that you really get them and their devotion to their feline overlord. Any of these creative, cat-themed ideas from Catnip Crazed are guaranteed to have them smiling ear to ear!

So embrace the playful cat person in your life and treat them to a fabulous feline-focused gift this Valentine's Day! Browse our full collection of the best cat gifts and find the perfect present that will make them purr with joy.


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