About Us

At Catnip Crazed, we're on a mission fueled by our undying love for cats.

Our obsession with all things feline knows no bounds.

We're not just any old company; we're a tight-knit tribe of cat lovers, united by our shared adoration for our quirky, independent, and sassy feline overlords. We squeal with delight every time a cat video pops up on our feed and celebrate every whisker, meow, and purr like a grand symphony. 

Our shelves are bursting with an assortment of the most unique, cat-themed products you'll come across. But it's not just about the shopping – Catnip Crazed is a vibrant community of cat lovers who share stories about their fur babies, swap epic cat memes, and even compete for the title of "Craziest Cat Parent" (it's a coveted trophy, trust us). Because let's be honest, cats aren’t just pets; they're majestic beings that rule our lives — and we love every minute! 

So if you find yourself scrolling through TikTok videos of cats during your lunch break (guilty as charged), or have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to cats, welcome home!

Our Executive TeAM

  • Wednesday, Senior Treat Thief

  • Pugsley, Chief Nap Officer